About Darron Jacobs

I have recently moved from Houston, Texas to live in Boulder, Colorado, where I can pursue my passion for the mountains and climbing which has long preceded my passion for photography. I have found that photography often provides the motivation to explore new places. The result is that my photography takes me to spectacular scenes I might not witness otherwise, and I hope to share these scenes with others through my photos and prints.

I have lived and worked all over the world, and through this have seen many new places, especially in the mountains. My climbing career has spanned over 28 years, initially in England where I built my skills using traditional free climbing methods, then exploring sport climbing in Europe, alpinism and ice climbing. I was a member of the local Mountain Rescue Team, trained with SARDA, trained as a climbing guide, organized various mountain expeditions, events and helped to establish DOSS climbing club.

I have climbed extensively in England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, France, Spain, North Africa, Brazil, New Zealand, and America, all at a high standard of extreme difficulty.  More recently I find myself drawn to the Colorado Rockies for ice climbing, skiing, and mountaineering. Much of my recent work demonstrates this attraction to this wonderful mountain range. One goal of my photography is to record and communicate some of those moments of paradise in nature and the extraordinary effort and risks and it takes to climb these mountains.

About DARRON's Camera Equipment

For years I have been reluctant to carry the extra weight and bulk of a camera along with all the additional necessary attachments. Added, there is always the risk you take when stopping to take photos in precarious positions. Early exploration into mountain photography started with a 35mm Olympus OM10 which I used exclusively for a number of years before moving a compact 35mm ‘all weather’ camera. Other cameras have been used over the years, but none provided the ease of use, lightness and image quality of today’s digital platforms. My reserve camera system is still a Nikon Coolpix P80 digital camera 18x zoom (27 – 486mm). At less than half the weight of the 4x5 system, this camera is my back-up camera for climbing and mountaineering trips when it is unhealthy to carry the weight of large format equipment. My current fine art wide format camera system I am packing more and more for trips is a Nikon D800e with various professional grade Nikkor lenses. This camera system has taken my photography to the next level, and then some. The image sharpness of the Nikon D800e is outstanding and color rendition capture is exceptional. I am confident this camera will provide me with the perfect excuse for many trips to the mountains and to experience new adventures.

About DARRON's Fine Art Prints

My prints are Fine art archival ink prints and I am also pleased to offer three (3) unique modern archival display options which are suitable for shipping. DuraWrap (canvas prints) MegaPlaq (satin prints) and PlexiPlaq or Acrylic-glass (metalic paper prints).